It’s a new decade now, and solo female travel is more popular than ever. I absolutely love it. It’s an amazing way to celebrate female empowerment, and exactly how I grew to be a more confident traveler and person in general. So, with that in mind, I decided to put together a list of some of my favorite and best solo female travel destinations for 2021!

Whether you’re looking for a great first-time solo female travel destination, or a bit more adventure, these 13 best solo female travel destinations are sure to catch your eye!

Best First-Time Solo Female Travel Destinations

If you’re heading off on your very first trip on your own, then you might be wondering what the best solo female travel destinations for first-timers are.

While I personally believe all of the destinations on this list would work well for first-time solo female travelers, here are a few that are especially well-suited to first time solo female travel!


temple towers in bali, one of the best solo female travel destinations

Bali is one of the most popular destinations in the world right now, what with Eat Pray Love and the advent of Instagram. Of course, that’s not without good reason. Bali is an incredibly special island.

From the fascinating culture with its thousands of temples, to the amazing cafes and massages for less than $15, Bali is an amazing travel destination no matter who your travel companions are.

For solo female travelers, though, it’s especially well-suited.

Not only is the island relatively safe (aside from the small risk of pickpockets and petty theft you’ll find everywhere in the world), but it has a wealth of different activities to offer.

Whether you want to indulge your adventurous side with surfing in Uluwatu or trekking through rice fields, or would rather kick back and relax at some of Bali’s best spas, there’s something for everyone.

Additionally, the super cheap accommodation prices mean that if you’re not yet comfortable with staying in a dorm room, you can get a pretty luxurious private room to yourself for $20-30/night. Which is pretty dang amazing!

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Cute colorful houses in Nyboder Copenhagen, one of the best solo female travel destinations

If you’re looking for a great first-time solo female travel destination in Europe, then you really can’t go wrong with Copenhagen (as well as the rest of Denmark).

Not only is the country one of the happiest in the world, but it’s also a world leader in gender equality!

And aside from the fact that it’s safe and happy, Copenhagen is an absolutely amazing place to visit, especially as a solo female traveler.

There is an absolute boatload of amazing things to do in Copenhagen, from sampling all of the delicious food, to experiencing the Danish concept of hygge, to exploring the various museums and castles that the city has to offer (there are 4 castles within the city limits of Copenhagen alone!).

As a solo female traveler, you’ll also be reassured by the fact that everyone speaks practically perfect English. Not to mention some of the amazing hostels the city boasts (I highly recommend Sleep in Heaven hostel in the trendy Norrebro district).

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a hand holdin gup a gluhwein mug at the nuremberg christmas market, a great solo female travel destination

Another fantastic first-time solo female travel destination is Germany. Like Copenhagen, most people speak practically perfect English, so you’ll find it easy to get around. The country is also fantastically safe to travel to, and public transport couldn’t be easier.

Along with the ease of navigation, Germany is one of the best solo female travel destinations because it has something for everyone.

If you’re after a quirky city break, then Berlin and Hamburg will call your name. Or if you’re traveling in the winter and want to experience the best Christmas markets, then a trip around Bavaria is can’t-miss!

And if you’re an adventurer, then there’s plenty of hiking, mountain biking, and more to be had in the Alps or the Black Forest. And of course, don’t forget about the castles!

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Addie standing next to two Icelandic horses, hugging one of them. Iceland is definitely one of the best solo female travel destinations!

Perhaps one of the best first time solo female travel destinations out there, at least in my opinion, is Iceland. Like Copenhagen, it’s both insanely safe and super female-friendly. AND it’s fantastically easy to get around on your own.

Whether you choose to rent a car and explore the island solo or base yourself in Reykjavik and take day trips with tour companies (like I did), getting around Iceland couldn’t be easier.

If you visit in the summer, then you’ll be blessed with almost endless daylight to explore the many bucket list worthy spots on the island, including the Golden Circle, the black sand beaches of Vík, and the Snæfellsnes Peninsula.

And what winter lacks for in daylight, it makes up for with Christmas charms and the chance to see the northern lights. I definitely couldn’t recommend it more!

The Northern Lights dancing in Iceland

Iceland is a super popular solo female travel destination as well, so you definitely won’t feel alone! I even managed to find another girl to have a full on photo shoot with at the Blue Lagoon 🙂

Addie in the Blue Lagoon, a highlight of 5 days in Iceland, and a great solo female travel destination

If you’re looking for a great hostel to stay in in Iceland as a solo female traveler, you’ll love Kex Hostel in Reykjavik, located in a former biscuit factory!

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Best Solo Female Travel Destinations for Culture

Are you a culture vulture? If so, then you’re going to fall head over heels in love with these amazing solo female travel destinations!

Whether you’re looking for a bucket-list worthy city break full of art galleries, or a surprising small town you’ve never heard of, these places have it all. AND they’re great for solo travel!

The Netherlands

Amsterdam Houses. Amsterdam is one of the best solo female travel destinations!

If you’re looking for a great culture destination for your solo European travels, then you really can’t go wrong with the Netherlands.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands is on everyone’s bucket list–and for good reason. With its amazing art galleries and museums, dreamy canals, and gorgeous tulip fields, it’s a must for everyone. It’s also a great destination for solo female travelers!

And then, if you’re looking to get a bit further afield, the Netherlands still has so much to offer!

Indulge your tastebuds at the Markthall and explore the curious cube houses in Rotterdam. Hang out by the sea in Zandvoort. Eat all the cheese you possibly can in Gouda. Check out the charming canals of Giethoorn.

You could spend a whole life exploring the Netherlands!


A beautiful view over the mountains outside of Salzburg, Austria from the Salzburg Fortress

Yet another absolutely fantastic solo female travel destination for culture is Austria.

Whether you’re skipping through the hills outside of Salzburg and exploring the Sound of Music sights inside of it, or grabbing that perfect postcard photo in Hallstatt, Austria has so much to offer.

For the adventurers, head out to hike or ski in the alps. And of course, for the culture vultures, Vienna is the place to be, with museums like the Kunsthistorische (Art History) museum, the amazing Schonnbrunn Palace, and operas on practically every night.

And of course, don’t forget about the amazing Kaffee und Kuchen (coffee and cake) culture. It’s practically sacrilege to not indulge yourself in Vienna’s amazing cafes every afternoon!

Having traveled to Austria both with people and without, I can safely say that it’s a great place to travel no matter who you’re with, but it’s especially good for solo female travelers as well!

It’s an incredibly safe country with loads to see and do, and as long as you have a book in hand no one will look at you weird if you’re eating alone.

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Bruges Markt, one of the best solo female travel destinations

Belgium was one of the first countries I ever visited as a solo female traveler. In fact, after a pretty lonely and trying first go of it in Switzerland, it was the first place that I truly enjoyed traveling on my own the whole way through.

Belgium is a perfect solo female travel destination for many reasons. Not only is it safe, but it’s incredibly easy to get around, and it’s pretty budget-friendly too, with plenty of hostels and cheap eats to indulge in.

If you’re looking for culture, then you won’t be disappointed by all of the whacky museums Brussels has to offer. Don’t forget to take a walk around the city to check out the comic strip walls as well!

And if you’re all about romantic, winding streets, then you’ll absolutely fall in love with Bruges, which wasn’t destroyed during WWII because it was considered too beautiful. Wander the streets, grab some chocolate, and take a boat ride down the canal for a perfect day in Bruges.

Addie in Bruges, one of the best solo female travel destinations
Finding all the best Instagram doors on a day trip to Bruges.

If you’re looking to get a bit more off-the-beaten-path, then there are plenty of amazing destinations in Belgium less than 2 hours away from Bruges by train!

Experience local life in Ghent or Antwerp, be astonished by the landscape in Dinant, or try the beer in Leuven or Mechelen… I need to get back to Belgium asap!

And of course, Belgium is an amazing foodie destination as well. From feasting on mussels in Brussels, to taking a waffle making class, to going on a sweet, sweet chocolate tour of the city, you’ll definitely leave 10 pounds heavier!

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an orange building in old town cesis, latvia, one of the best solo female travel destinations

Want to get a bit more off-the-beaten-path on your solo female travel adventures in 2021? Consider Latvia!

Not only is Riga an absolutely amazing destination for culture, but there is so much else to the country that you would never know about unless you go to explore!

Along with the amazing art deco buildings and food market in Riga, you can convene with nature or experience culture throughout the country.

Go hiking in Gauja National Park. Visit the beach in Liepaja. Check out adorable Sigulda. Indulge in a Latvian sauna ritual. And if you want to get really crazy, you might even try bogshoeing in the Kemeri Bog!

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Is it really an Addie Abroad Trip™ if I don’t end up in some sort of ridiculous footwear doing some sort of ridiculous activity? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ In Latvia, it was bogshoeing. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ You know, like snowshoeing. But for bogs. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ About 30 #WITSRiga girls hopped in a bus in Riga for an excursion out to Kemeri Bog, where we strapped on our lime green bogshoes and ventured out into the great wild bogland. Our intrepid leader, Kristaps, pointed out the places where we shouldn’t step, for fear of sinking into the bog, and then promptly went and stepped on those places. Talk about an absolute wild man. None of us could get over how silly our new looks were–or how otherworldly gorgeous the bog was. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ While I’m not sure I’d ever bogshoe again (my thighs were dead after two hours of it), if you’re ever in Latvia, it’s certainly an experience to try! Or if bogshoeing doesn’t sound like it’s for you, then Kemeri bog also has boardwalks for the slightly less adventurous! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ @sheswanderful @enjoylatvia

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And of course, you can’t miss Cesis, where I spent two days on an absolutely amazing press trip. Explore the medieval castle, wander through the old town, take in culture in the concert hall of one of the town’s several galleries, and feast on some of the best bread you’ve ever had.

Best Solo Female Travel Destinations For Adventure

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Or maybe you just enjoy a nice hike in the mountains. Either way, you’re going to love these spots for adventure. They’re definitely some of my favorite solo female travel destinations 🙂

Northern Italy

a birds-eye view of trento, italy, one of the best solo female travel destinations

When I went to Italy for the first time, it was with my boyfriend Daniel to Rome and Florence, and it was pretty much a disaster.

The second time around though? I was on my own (in the most technical sense of the term, as I was actually there for a conference and often surrounded by friends) and it was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken.

From exploring the beautiful and relatively unknown city of Trento, with its gorgeous frescos and stunning palace, to getting a major adrenaline rush while paragliding in the Valle del Chiese, Northern Italy is an absolutely amazing place.

addie staring out at the mountains while on a hike in valle di ledro, italy,  one of the best solo female travel destinations

And although Trentino is home to the Dolomites, many places are still undiscovered, making it the perfect spot for those of you who like to get off-the-beaten-path.

While I wasn’t often on my own in Trentino, I do still think it would make a great destination for a somewhat experienced solo female traveler. There are so many different adventure activities, from hiking to paragliding to canyoning, and it really can’t be missed. Oh, and did I mention the food?

Many places can be reached by public transport, but if you have access to a car then you’ll be able to get to the best places.

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Addie staring out across Lisbon from a viewpoint. Lisbon is one of the best solo female travel destinations!

One of my favorite solo trips of all time? Hands down, it’s Portugal.

While I got off to a rough start in Porto, the rest of the trip was absolutely amazing, and I never ran into a speed bump, which means it’s definitely one of the best solo female travel destinations in Europe, even if you might not think of it first!

Lisbon is a great city to start in, with it’s many amazing hostels (I stayed in the Lisbon Lounge Hostel and absolutely loved it) and plethora of cultural activities. Indulge on pasteis de nata, ride in one of the city’s many trams, and take a day trip out to Sintra.

From there, check out one of the more off-the-beaten-path destinations like Obidos or Aveiro–two of my favorite destinations of all time!

Madison staring out at the cliffs of Lagos, Portugal, a great solo female travel destination

If you’re one for adventure, though, then look no further than Lagos, where you can learn to surf, kayak or SUP along the cliffs, and then hike on top of them all in one day. And in the evening, you can indulge in some pretty great food!

Pro tip: stay at Bura Surfhouse for access to all of these great activities AND delicious communal dinners!

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addie standing in front of the rolling hills of the quiraing on the isle of skye, one of the best solo female travel destinations!
Addie standing in front of Glencoe, one of the best solo female travel destinations

As my adopted home country, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Scotland as one of the best solo female travel destinations out there–because it absolutely is! Not only is the country one of the most safe and inclusive out there, but it is also absolutely full to the brim with adventure opportunities.

Start your trip of in Edinburgh, where you can wander the streets, hike up to Arthur’s seat, and visit the best Harry Potter sights. Maybe even take a day trip to St Andrews, where I go to university!

From there, continue on to the Highlands, where the stunning landscape is sure to blow you away. Whether you take a tour up to the Isle of Skye (which I recommend, as public transport options are limited) or wave hello to Nessie on Loch Ness, the nature in Scotland is unlike any other.

And of course, don’t forget to stop by the side of the road and admire the Highland Cows!

As a solo female traveler in Scotland, you won’t be short of great hostels to stay in or safe and easy things to do, so definitely give it a go!

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the swiss flag from the back of a boat with mountains in the background. Switzerland is one of the best solo female travel destinations!

My first ever solo trip was to my ancestral home of Switzerland, and while I don’t necessarily think it’s the best place for a first-time solo female traveler as it can get pretty lonely (at least in the off-season), I do still think it’s one of the best solo female travel destinations for adventure!

Switzerland is, of course, best known for its absolutely amazing Alps. The best place to experience them is in the Bernese Oberland. Base yourself in Interlaken for easy access to all of the amazing hikes and adventure activities in the area, including paragliding.

A mountain hut in Switzerland, one of the best solo female travel destinations
Classic Switzerland

Balmers Hostel is perfect if you’re looking for a great social atmosphere, or consider staying a bit father out at the Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof in stunning Lauterbrunnen.

Lucerne also offers a great base to explore the surrounding mountains. A day trip hiking Mount Rigi is an absolute must!

If you’d like to check out some of Switzerland’s cities as well, then you really can’t go wrong with the charming town of Bern (the surprising capital) and cosmopolitan Zurich.

Although Switzerland is insanely expensive, many activities (like hiking) are free. And you can’t beat just how safe it is there!

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Yucatan, Mexico

If you’re looking for an absolutely STUNNING solo female travel destination in 2021, then let me present you with the Yucatan, Mexico.

Obviously, you know Cancun as the place chock full of unremarkable all-inclusive resorts. But did you know that the little peninsula Cancun sits on is one of the most beautiful places maybe ever?

Of course, you have Playa del Carmen, which is getting to be almost as equally touristy as Cancun, and Tulum, which is an Instagrammer’s paradise. But there’s also scuba diving in Cozumel, riding bikes out to cenotes near Valladolid, and stand up paddle boarding on the amazing Bacalar Lagoon.

addie on a stand up paddleboard at sunrise in bacalar mexico, one of the best solo female travel destinations

I spent two weeks traveling solo through the Yucatan Peninsula last January and never once felt unsafe. In fact, I loved it so much I’m already going back! Of course, you need to use the same street smarts you would anywhere else, but there’s no reason to avoid Mexico thinking that it’s a completely unsafe place to be.

The Yucatan is also an absolutely amazing place to travel on a budget, with delicious tacos costing just a few bucks and some killer hostels, like the Yak Lake House in Bacalar.

I 100% recommend considering the Yucatan for your next solo female travel destination!

Read more about the Yucatan, Mexico:

And there you have it: 13 of the best solo female travel destinations for 2021! Which of them would YOU most like to go to? And do you have any solo female travel trips planned for this year already? Let me know in the comments down below!

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Addie Gray is a recent college grad and a passionate solo female traveler. Having traveled to more than 20 countries, she now shares her knowledge on budget travel, solo female travel, and travel photography.

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