These 18 Vienna pictures perfectly showcase the beauty of the Austrian capital and will inspire you to plan your next trip there. It’s an absolute must on your Central Europe itinerary!

I knew going into our trip to Vienna that I was going to be blown away by how beautiful of a city it was. And I was definitely not disappointed. To absolutely nobody’s surprise, Vienna is beautiful and so so photogenic.

Daniel and I spent 5 days in Vienna exploring the city with our friends Astrid and Leoni, who live/lived in Vienna (Astrid was studying abroad there) and showed us all of the best spots. As per usual, I took loads of pictures (really there was barely a moment when my camera wasn’t out). So here are 18 Vienna pictures that will make you book a plane ticket literally right now.




Blue neon Cafe Vollpension sign in Vienna, Austria
Mohntorte (poppseed cake) at Cafe Vollpension in Vienna, Austria

Cafe Vollpension was our very first stop in Vienna and is the cutest little cafe that basically feels like Grandma’s house. It was the kind of place that was just my vibe, and I probably could have spent another few hours there if we didn’t have dinner plans.

I talked a lot more about Cafe Vollpension in my post about food in Vienna, so be sure to check it out!


On the morning of our first full day in Vienna Daniel and I set off on our own to explore the Kunsthistorishches Museum Wien, where we marveled at all of the boobs and took a monster tour on their app which was meant for kids but was still awesome. Look, I never said we were cultured.

All the same, Vienna’s Art History Museum is one of those classically stunning museums that is absolutely packed to the brim with amazing art and is a piece of fine art in and of itself. It’s an absolute must-see while you’re in Vienna (and pro tip: the monster tour on their app is actually a great way to get a feel for the museum if you don’t have loads of time).


After our attempts to be cultured, we still had to be on our best behavior, because thanks to Astrid’s study abroad advisor we had somehow found ourselves on a private tour of the Justitzpalast (courthouse) with a lawyer who worked there.

To be perfectly honest, I understood barely anything because even though I speak German he was very Austrian and I was tired, but just being able to step into beautiful courtrooms and random offices was one of the cooler experiences I’ve had in my life.

The Justitzpalast isn’t a very popular tourist destination, but the building is actually open to the public, so you don’t need to a guide to head in if you want. Be sure to head up to the 5th floor for the Justitzcafe, where you can grab a bite to eat and enjoy the fabulous view over Vienna.


6 slices of cake on one table in Cafe Central in Vienna, Austria

After our Justitzpalast tour, we decided it was most definitely time for our afternoon Kaffee und Kuchen, so we made the pilgrimage to one of Vienna’s most famous cafes: Cafe Central. This place is such a classic Viennese cafe, with gilded archways and columns and overpriced coffee. We felt super out of place with our reusable water bottles in tow, but it was also so beautiful that it was worth the stares by the judging Viennese waiters.

closeup of strawberry cake at Cafe Central in Vienna, Austria

We ordered 6 pieces of cake for 4 people because we just couldn’t decide–they all looked so good!

You can read more about Cafe Central in my food post about Vienna.


Rather than another day spent in some of Vienna’s fanciest establishments, our third day in Vienna was a little bit more my style: we took a free walking tour!

I always try to go on a free walking tour when I have the chance because not only are they fun and a great way to see a new city, but they’re an excellent opportunity to learn about the history of a place. Leoni and Astrid even learned a few things along the way!

We met at Albertinaplatz and spent a few hours with our absolutely charming guide Wolfgang exploring downtown Vienna, learning about its past, spotting one of Mozart’s old houses, and, of course, talking about the best places for Kaffee und Kuchen (Wolfgang’s suggestion was Demel, which was pretty good).

Our tour with Good Tours Vienna was definitely a highlight of my trip!


On our fourth and final day in Vienna (we used our fifth day for a day trip to Salzburg) we made the pilgrimage to Schönbrunn Palace, and it was every bit as stunning as it’s made out to be (literally half of my photos are from Schönbrunn).

A full shot of Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria
Addie running towards Schönnbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria

Although you have to pay (and wait in a disgustingly long line) to go into the palace, the grounds are free. So we just waltzed past the palace and into the grounds for a perfect afternoon exploring, having a picnic, and just generally having a great time in each other’s company.

If these Vienna pictures haven’t convinced you that Vienna is the perfect place for your next trip, I don’t know what will. Unless you’re extremely food-motivated (like I am), that is! Check out my post about the best places to eat in Vienna and I promise your mouth will be watering by the end of it.

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