Behind the Blog

I’m a twenty-something social media manager with a passion for travel, reading, and storytelling. I started this blog way back in 2016 when I moved from my small town in Illinois all the way across the pond to go to college in Scotland.

For a good couple of years, I traveled extensively across Europe on weekend trips and during breaks, while also taking a few longer trips to places like Mexico and Bali. I racked up a ton of travel knowledge and was well on my way to really making something out of this little old blog. And then… 2020 happened.

I graduated, moved back to the US, and spent my time working as a freelance social media manager and barista, all while dreaming of one day getting to travel again. Now that I work a full-time remote job and the world is (mostly) back to normal, I’m excited to start traveling more-and share my adventures with you!

What You’ll Find Here

• Although I’m not a college student anymore, I’m still definitely a budget traveler!

• I love a good adventure, whether it’s surfing in Bali, hiking in the Dolomites, or scuba diving in Mexico.

• I’m also a big fan of cozy city breaks, German Christmas markets, and delicious food!

Some of My Favorite Places


Scotland will always have a piece of my heart. I spent four years there while getting my undergraduate degree and would love to return to live there again one day.

Addie staring out towards the hills is Salzburg, Austria


Since first visiting Salzburg and dancing down the streets singing the Sound of Music during a high school German class trip, I’ve been absolutely in love with this charming little country.

the scubatony boat out on the open water


I’ve spent nearly a month in Mexico over the course of several trips to the country, and absolutely love it. I’m particularly a fan of the scuba diving in Cozumel (where I got PADI certified)!

Addie Gardens Alcazar Seville


There’s just something about the cities of Spain that keep calling me back–and there are so many more left to explore!

Cute colorful houses in Nyboder Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

I’ve taken two different trips to Copenhagen over the years, one in the spring and one during Christmas market season, and it never disappoints, no matter the weather!

hiking in valle di ledro, trentino, italy

Trentino, Italy

Trentino, Italy is such a unique part of the world. Perfect for getting the smaller Italian city feel in in Trento before practically heading to Austria up in the mountains!

Want to know how to travel Switzerland on a budget? Check out this post to see a breakdown of what I spent in Switzerland, and tips and tricks on how to travel Switzerland on only $60 a day!


I actually hold dual citizenship between the US and Switzerland, and so of course I love spending time here! This was also the country I visited on my first ever solo trip.

addie sitting on a cliff looking out at diamond beach on nusa penida

Bali & the Nusa Islands

I spent nearly two months in Bali doing my field work for my undergraduate thesis, and had so much fun exploring while I was there! I also highly recommend a detour to the Nusa Islands.

A small yellow house between two roads with towers on the end


Rounding out the trio of German-speaking countries is Germany, and there is so much to love about this place. Whether it’s hiking with cows, eating my weight in bread, or spending weeks on end traveling around the Christmas markets, I always have a good time.

Three Random Facts About Me

• I spent a stint after graduation working as a barista and being snotty about coffee has now become an integral part of my personality.

• Thanks to my grandmother on my father’s side, I hold dual citizenship with the US and Switzerland, which makes living and traveling around Europe extremely easy!

• I recently rediscovered a love of reading and have gotten a little intense about it. In the first six months of this year alone, I read over 100 books.

addie sitting on a wooden rocking chair with a cup of coffee