Addie sipping on an Eiskaffe at Cafe Tomaselli in Salzburg, Austria

Hey, I'm Addie!

I’m the twenty-something millennial grandma that is the face and voice behind this blog, and I am dreadfully helpless when it comes to writing about pages.

Like every other travel blogger out there, I was born and raised in a small, corn-loving town in the Midwest, and always had hopes and dreams of leaving to move to the ‘big city’. Since graduating high school, I’ve moved to London for six months before running back home (the big city and I, it turns out, do not get along), spent four years successfully living and studying in small-town Scotland, and traveled to more than 16 different countries.

Addie Abroad

I first started travel blogging in the fall of 2015, though I had exactly zero idea what I was doing. After a classic identity crisis when I realized that this was, like, a thing you could actually take seriously, I moved EVERYTHING over to a new, self-hosted website and called it Addie Abroad.

It’s been a real journey running this blog over the past few years, and I’ve made a LOT of mistakes along the way (I am STILL trying to replace photos in blog posts that were lost during the Big Move). But I’m learning as I go along, and hopefully, I can make this thing pretty awesome in the long run.

For now, the goal is to keep things real and dish out major advice on studying abroad and traveling on a budget that no one else feels like sharing.

The Girls Go abroad Podcast

Is solo female travel safe? Where are the best places to travel solo? How do I find the confidence to travel alone?

Welcome to the Girls Go Abroad podcast. Week after week, I actionable solo female travel tips and inspiration to help you find the courage to take your first solo trip. 

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Learn how to plan your first solo trip without any of the stress.

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