Perhaps one of my favorite trips in recent memory was the 2 weeks I spent traveling solo through the captivating country of Portugal.

From the colorful cities to the magical small towns and jaw-dropping nature, Portugal can be whatever you want it to be.

These 22 pictures of Portugal prove just that.

Pictures of Portugal

Portugal is a country of color.

In Porto, the red rooftops and brightly-painted houses brighten even the darkest of days…

A view of the tops of buildings in Porto

In Lisbon, the story is much the same: colorful walls, beautiful tiles, and red-top roofs stretching for miles…

A bird's eye view of Lisbon
A decorated street in Lisbon, Portugal

But they take their own unique spin on things too…

In small-town Aveiro, the eye-catching moliceiros (boats) line the canals and take visitors on short tours…

Moliceiro boats and palm trees in Aveiro

And the buildings there are painted and tiled in many colors as well. Bright yellows and blues are particularly popular…

In Obidos, let your imagination take flight as you walk the medieval walls during golden hour…

the white-washed town of obidos

The white-washed houses are accompanied by pops of lavender flowers, lemon trees, and bric-a-brac souvenir shops…

Purple flowers hanging over a window in Obidos, Portugal
A lemon tree peeking over a wall in Obidos
A Storefront in Obidos, Portugal

While in Lagos, the color is entirely natural…

Cliffs in Lagos, portugal at the end of our hike where we reached some of the best beaches in Lagos, Portugal

Of course, you can’t compile the best pictures of Portugal without a section dedicated entirely to food–particularly the sweets.

In Lisbon, the famous pasteis de nata take the cake 😉

These creamy custard tarts hit the spot morning, noon and night.

Pastel de Nata from the Pasteleria Santo Antonio in Lisbon, Portugal

In Aveiro, the specialty is ovos moles. Made out of egg yolks and sugar, they don’t sound particularly appetizing, but you’ll be obsessed the second you bite into one…

An Ovos Moles, the specialty of Aveiro, Portugal

In the restaurants themselves, you’ll find hearty & scrumptious meals for less than €10/person, accompanied by friendly service.

An attempt at a bit of Portuguese (queria (kree-a) = I would like, obrigado/a = thank you) when you order will get you an extra smile.

And in Lisbon, you can even knock on a window to be greeted with a charming grandmother serving ginjinha, a fruity liqueur…

A middle-aged woman named Tininna leaning out a window and pouring ginjinha in Lisbon, Portugal

It’s the perfect top-off to a pretty perfect trip to Portugal.

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Addie Gray is a recent college grad and a passionate solo female traveler. Having traveled to more than 20 countries, she now shares her knowledge on budget travel, solo female travel, and travel photography.

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