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When I was visiting my old exchange student for the weekend in Germany and she told me that she was going to take me to a museum for breakfast, I definitely was not expecting to end up walking through a much more expensive, slightly insane IKEA.

Breakfast at the Vitra Museum

Maybe I’m just ignorant, but I had never heard of Vitra before, let alone of the Vitra Museum, despite the fact that, according to Charlotte, they are apparently ‘vollbekannt’ (super well known).

All I really knew was that I was starving and that when this food was set down in front of us, it took everything that I had not to dig in before taking an obligatory picture because the presentation was just too gorgeous.

Breakfast spread at the Vitra Museum, Germany

The Vitra Museum

After breakfast, we began our journey on the top floor with a very trippy, pink Alice in Wonderland themed room. I would soon figure out that, much like IKEA, the museum was actually mostly just a showroom for the furniture that Vitra makes, just cleverly called a museum. But, since Vitra makes some pretty cool furniture, it turned out to be a pretty cool use of my morning.

"Drink me" quote on the wall with a giant flower in the foreground at the Vitra Museum, Germany

Giant scissors and thread in the Alice in Wanderland Room in the  Vitra Museum, Germany

The Alice in Wonderland room was definitely my favorite, but I also loved a yellow, black, and gold room, and the giant candy wrapper inspired sculptures that I’m guessing the museum had been decked out in for the holidays (I visited in mid-November).

Yellow and Black living room at the Vitra Museum, Germany

Our final stop of the tour was at a giant, rotating clock that stood a small walk away from the rest of the museum. Normally, you can apparently climb up the stairs and slide down the giant curly slide, but for some reason, the stairs had been closed the day that we visited so we had to turn back to the car a little bit defeated.

A giant rotating clock tower that doubles as a slide at the Vitra Museum, Germany
The giant rotating clock tower slide thing

I believe that there were several more buildings that we could have looked around as well, but as we were pressed for time since I had a flight to catch, we were unfortunately unable to visit them.

All the same, for having come in with absolutely no idea of what was going on (something I really don’t like to do when I’m traveling), I’m glad to say that I had fun at the Vitra Museum. I don’t know if it’s the kind of place I’d go back to again and again, but it certainly made for a nice morning, and the breakfast was to die for!


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