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Passport holders, travel-themed necklaces, and portable coffee makers, oh my! This post is the ultimate guide to all the best travel gifts for her – the travel-lover in your life.

There truly are no two things in this world that I love more than travel and Christmas. Whether I’m hopping around the Christmas markets of Europe or spending time at home with family and friends, it truly is the greatest season of all.

Not so great, though? Figuring out what the heck to give everyone as gifts. And even worse – other people having to figure out what to get me. As someone who’s almost constantly on the road, I try to keep my load pretty light. And I’m really not a huge fan of silly, useless gifts.

Basically, I’m a nightmare to buy for. And I’m pretty willing to bet that any other travel-obsessed person you know is too. Which is why I decided to put this list of the best travel gifts for her together. As a guide to my friends and family and the friends and family of travel loving girls everywhere.

From practical travel gifts for her, to experiences and home decor, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for that travel lover on your list in this post!


While it might seem counter-intuitive, we travellers are all about practicality. Whether it’s finding the easiest and cheapest way to get from point A to point B or figuring out the newest best way to pack our bags, I promise you that we’re obsessed.

Here are a few great, practical travel gifts for her that she’s sure to use on every trip she takes from here on out!

Passport Holder

passport holders
Passport Holders from Wedding Daze Designs on Etsy. Image used with permission.

When they’re in use as much as mine are (I have 2, fun fact!), passports can endure a lot of wear and tear. Which is why having a passport holder to protect it is a great idea! Even better, you can get one that’s super cute and sure to make her smile on those long travel days.

There are absolutely loads of passport holders out there, but my favorite spot to find nice ones is on Etsy. These ones have fun travel sayings on them. This one is super classy and monogrammed. This one has a picture of Kim Kardashian crying on it. The options are truly endless.

Luggage Tags

personalized luggage tags, one of the best travel gifts for her!
Personalized Luggage Tag by Shop ThreeTwoOne on Etsy. Image used with permission.

If your travel-obsessed loved one is a chronic overpacker rather than the carry-on only type, then she’s sure to love a set of really nice luggage tags. These will help her spot her black back in a sea of black bags from a mile away, making it a perfect travel gift for her!

Again, Etsy is my favorite spot to look for great luggage tags. You can find gorgeous, personalized luggage holders like this one and this one, punny ones like this one and this one, and even Outlander themed ones for their next trip to Scotland.

Alternatively, you can go high tech and get a luggage tracking tag, which will let your loved one track their luggage from their phone! This one comes with great reviews and is also super easy to spot thanks to its bright colors and patterns.

Travel Wallet

a flowery travel wallet among travel pictures, map, and plane ticket
Travel Wallet Organizer from Punto Belle on Etsy. Image used with permission.

If the person you’re shopping for has a lot of things to carry, then a travel wallet is another great travel gift idea. They’re like passport holders, but better, because they hold your passport, plane ticket, cash, and even a few cards!

You can get travel wallets with loads of pockets for everything you could possibly imagine, like this one, or slimmer ones with spots just for the necessities, like this one. Some travel wallets, like this one, even have spots for multiple passports – great if you’re traveling as a group or have multiple citizenships like I do.

Makeup Bags

I need vitamin sea travel pouch, great travel gifts for her!
Vitamin Sea Travel Pouch Bag from Clouds and Currents on Etsy. Image used with permission.

Another super useful gift you might consider is a makeup pouch or other bag. Little reusable zip bags are super handy for storing things and organizing your luggage. I use them for absolutely everything, not just makeup – think cord organization, jewelry, the works!

Here’s a nice, big vegan leather one which you can get monogrammed. Or, if the person you’re shopping for is more of a minimalist, here’s a cute, small one with “I need Vitamin Sea” on the front! And, of course, here’s a punny one.

Carry On Toiletry Sets

While it might not be super glamorous, a carry on toiletry set like this one might just change your loved one’s life. Forget digging through your bag to find all your liquids and stuffing them into cheap plastic bags at security. Forget having to run out to buy travel-size toiletries the night before your flight when you realize you don’t want to pay for a bag.

Instead, put the same toiletries you use at home into reusable, travel-sized bottles and then stick them into a nice, reusable, clear toiletry pouch. Stick it in the top of your carry on and breeze through security!

Carry-On Luggage

If you wanna get really fancy with your gift giving this year, then there’s one sure way to make the person you’re buying for love you forever: get her a new suitcase. Really nice suitcases that will last a long time cost a good chunk of cash, so she’ll be sure to be impressed. Plus, if she travels often she’s probably dying for a new bag. Definitely one of the best travel gifts for her!

You can find lots of great carry on suitcases no Amazon. Even the AmazonBasics suitcase has rave reviews! For the ballers out there, though, I’d definitely go with Away Luggage. Their carry on bag is a cult favorite!

Eye Mask

For the frequent long-haul flight taker (or just nap taker) an eye mask is definitely a great travel gift for her. Get a really nice, silk one and she’ll feel like she’s in first class when she’s stuck in coach. Or grab this one, which has bluetooth speakers by the ears – perfect for if they like to fall asleep listening to music or their favorite podcast!

Travel Pillow

The days of those half-donut travel pillows are over, my friend. It’s time to make way for a new generation of travel pillows that, like, actually let you sleep on a plane. Crazy, I know. But a good travel pillow is definitely another one of those practical travel gifts for her that she’s going to use for years to come!

My current favorite is the Cabeau Evolution Classic, which is super thick and made of memory foam. I’ve never not slept on an airplane with this bad boy. I’ve also used the TRTL travel pillow in the past and been pretty happy with it. Or, if you just want to embarrass her, go with whatever this is.

Travel Journal

Leather travel journal. Journals make great travel gifts for her!
Personalized Leather Journal from Portland Leather Goods on Etsy. Image used with permission.

Having a place to store all of your travel memories is SO nice – but it’s not something that we think about all that often! Having a travel journal is such a great way to record everything that you did, saw, and tasted, and makes for a fabulous travel gift for her.

You can get travel journals with ready-made prompts like this one or this one, or just go with a classic, lined journal that’s travel-themed, like this one or this one.

Packing Cubes

Last on the list of practical travel gifts for her, but certainly not least, is packing cubes! If your travel-obsessed loved one doesn’t own packing cubes yet, then it’s high time she did. And even if she does, she probably won’t complain about some more.

Packing cubes are the ULTIMATE in luggage organization. My favorites so far are eBags’ Classic Packing Cubes, but AmazonBasics’ have good reviews as well. Alternatively, for the chronic overpacker, compression packing cubes are an option! I’ve used and loved Gonex’s compression packing cubes.


If the person you’re looking for a gift for isn’t very practical, or just has all of those practical travel gifts for her I talked about, then you might think about a few of these funnier, sillier travel gifts for her!

Carry-On Cocktail Kit

If she likes to throw back a few drinks on a long flight, then the best travel gift for her is definitely going to be a carry-on cocktail kit. These cute little sets come in metal tins and have everything you need to mix together a fancy cocktail right at your seat! Just order the alcohol from the flight attendant and you’re good to go!

There are kits for everyones’ favorite cocktails, from a classic Gin & Tonic, to a Bloody Mary, to a Hot Toddy. Just click here to see all the options!

Polaroids Galore

If you thought we were past the age or polaroids, you were wrong. In fact, some of the best travel gifts for her have to do with polaroids. They’re just so stinking cute, they’re impossible not to love!

The Fujifilm Instax Camera is all the rage these days, and is honestly the perfect gift for any budding photographer. Alternatively, you can grab a polaroid printer so she can print straight from her smartphone!

Portable Expresso Maker

Okay, is this perhaps the most extra gadget to ever exist? Yes, yes it is. But it’s sure to bring a laugh to her face when she opens it. And hey, if she’s a backpacker or hostel-lover with a penchant for good coffee, it might even come into use!

Travel-Themed Subscription Boxes

A gift box with fair isle print under a christmas tree - travel gifts for her

For the gift that keeps on giving, consider a travel-themed subscription box! These boxes will come either every month or quarter, absolutely packed full of goodies!

For the foodie in the group, go for the Try the World subscription box. For the beach lover, The Wanderlust box is definitely the answer. And for the world traveler who’s passionate about ethically sourced goods, GlobeIn is absolutely the way to go!


You might feel stuck if the person you’re trying to buy for really doesn’t like stuff. But did you know that it’s actually possible to buy gift cards for a lot of different travel-related things? Yup, that’s right! Gift cards are absolutely on the list of the best travel gifts for her. Here are a few different options.


A metal camper - an Airbnb gift card makes a great travel gift for her!

For cool, budget-friendly stays around the world, AirBnb is the place to go. And now, you can fund her next stay with an Airbnb gift card! Starting from as low as $25, which could even cover 2 nights in some places, to $200. A night in a castle, anyone?


Honestly, is there anything better than hotel stays when it comes to the best travel gifts for her?

Hotels.com is one of the best spots to find super amazing accommodation deals. And if 30+% off didn’t already make it great, you can make it even better with a Hotels.com gift card! With amounts available from $25-$250, the sky’s the limit in terms of where she can go! 

Southwest Airlines

An airplane wing in the clouds

For the Southwest loyalist or frequent US traveler, a gift card for Southwest Airlines is a no-brainer. As the world’s largest low-cost carrier, she’s sure to find a flight to a destination that she’ll love.


If you want to give her even more options, then a CheapOAir gift card is absolutely the way to go! Perhaps the best part about these gift cards (on top of all the great flight deals) is that you can go all the way up to $1000. So if you’re feeling really generous, this is the way to go.

Rail Europe

A train going over a viaduct in Europe

If your loved one has a trip to Europe coming up (or, you know, lives in Europe), then they’re definitely going to be taking a train at some point. Rail Europe is one of the best websites for booking train travel across the continent, so a Rail Europe gift card will definitely come in handy! It’s absolutely one of the best travel gifts for her if she’s headed to Europe. 

Eurail Pass

Shopping for someone who’s just dreaming of a summer spent Eurailing around Europe? Well, gifting her that Eurail pass is a lot easier than you might think. Choose from 1 country passes for a few days or global passes for several months and she’ll be set for the adventure of a lifetime!


Hot air balloons in Cappadoccia

If you want to give the gift of travel, you really can’t do better than Tinggly. Their tagline is “Give stories, not stuff” and they live up to it. Here’s how it works:

  1. You buy a gift box from Tinggly
  2. Your friend gets the gift
  3. They choose from hundreds of different travel experiences

It’s an amazing option if you don’t know where they’ll be off to next but know you want to give them the experience of a lifetime!


If the person you’re shopping for is a fan of interior design, or is just looking for a few pieces to spruce up her place, you might consider getting one of these travel gifts for her home.

Painted Globe

A black painted globe that says "Adventure is out there" - one of the best travel gifts for her
All Black Painted Globe from The Eleven Company on Etsy. Image used with permission.

Sure, a regular ol’ globe is nice, and a good way to show that you’re interested in geography and all that. But what if you went one step further and got her a beautiful custom-painted globe. Maybe one with a travel-related quote on it in her favorite color? Instagram GOLD right there.

Etsy is an absolute goldmine for gorgeous, custom-painted globes. You can get ones in luxurious gold with custom hand lettering, go all black and adventure quote-filled, or get a fully custom painted globe like this one!

Scratch-Off Map

watercolor us scratch off map

Next up on the list of great travel gifts for her is a scratch-off map. This is perfect for the frequent traveler and country counter, and makes a great way to display where you’ve traveled on your wall!

Because scrath-off maps have become so trendy, there’s a huge variety of options out there. You can get a plain-ol’ scratch off map of the world like this one, or you can get it personalised. You can get a map with a watercolor background underneath, or ones of Europe, the United States, or any other spot if they’re a frequent traveler in a specific region. There’s even National Parks scratch-offs!

Travel Prints

I haven't been everywhere but it's on my list travel print - one of the best travel gifts for her!
Globe Travel Print from High Tide Illustration on Etsy. Image used with permission.

Gorgeous travel prints are also great travel gifts for her. Whether she’s obsessed with a specific city or just wants a few adventurous quotes up on her wall, there’s definitely the perfect travel print for her out there.

Etsy is a really great place to find stunning travel prints to gift. Worldly & Wild has some gorgeous, colorful destination prints, and Charnwood Prints has a HUGE archive of vintage-style travel posters. You can even get a custom map print here.

For travel style quotes, choose from minimalist prints like this one and this one, or go for something a little bit more colorful like this one and this one.

Travel Mugs

Take me to the mountains camper mug - one of the best travel gifts for her!
Take Me To The Mountains Camper Mug from Sugar Spoon Mugs on Etsy. Image used with permission.

If you’ve got a hot drink lover in your life, then travel mugs are the perfect travel gifts for her. Get her one of these bad boys and she’ll think fondly of you and all her adventures over her morning cup of coffee or tea.

There are so many cute travel-themed mugs on Etsy that it’s hard to choose a top few to include in this round-up. There are, of course, the ones with the quote “I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list” on them, like this one and this one. Then, there are the mountain-themed enamel camp mugs like this one and this one. Or you can even get a personalized mug!

This incredibly sassy mug might just be my favorite though.

Travel Candles

Olympic National Park Candle - one of the best travel gifts for her!
Olympic National Park Candle from Elsewhere Candle Co on Etsy. Image used with permission.

Smell is one of the most powerful senses when it comes to memory, so if you really want to evoke amazing travel memories, then a travel-themed candle is the way to go. They’re absolutely amazing travel gifts for her!

Wanderlust Scents has a huge selection of candles for different destinations, made to smell like the place it’s named after. Hello You Candles and Define Design Etc both do amazing-looking state scent candles, perfect for your friend who lives abroad and might be missing home. And perhaps my favorite, Elsewhere Candle Co has scented candles for each national park!

Adventure Fund Jar

adventure fund mason jar - one of the best travel gifts for her!
Adventure Fund Jar from Wander Collective on Etsy. Image used with permission.

Finally, fun AND practical travel gifts for her are adventure fund jars. Like piggy banks, but specifically for travel!

You can get some really cute adventure fund jars on (you guessed it) Etsy. I particularly love this adventure fund mason jar. You can also get a personalized jar with a map on it, jars for specific destinations like Australia or America, or personalized money boxes.


Last up on this roundup of the best travel gifts for her is travel jewelry and clothing! Whether it’s a travel-themed necklace or ring so she can show her love of travel every day, to travel-friendly clothes, these are all great gift ideas!

Travel Necklaces

Airplane necklace
Airplane Necklace by Charmed Traveler on Etsy. Image used with permission.

One of the best ways to keep travel close to your heart is with a necklace! So if your travel-loving friend has any inclination towards jewelry, then a travel-themed necklace is a great travel gift for her.

It should be no surprise by now, but Etsy is (again) my favorite place to find great necklaces. Designed by small jewelers, they’re usually super good quality! This dainty compass necklace has me obsessed, while this sterling silver globe necklace is timeless. You could also opt for a classic airplane necklace, or this mountain range one!

Travel Rings

Plane ring - one of the best travel gifts for her!
Airplane Ring from Black Tied Jewels on Etsy. Image used with permission.

Just like travel necklaces, travel rings make some of the best travel gifts for her. Of course, not everyone loves rings, but if you’ve noticed that she tends to wear a lot, then a travel-themed ring might be a great idea!

If she’s a beach bum at heart, you should get her this wave ring. If she’s more of a mountain girl, then this mountain range ring is ideal. And of course, there are plane rings like this one and this one!

Travel Bracelets

travel wish bracelets - one of the best travel gifts for her!
Journey Wish Bracelets from Tiny Charms Studio on Etsy. Image used with permission.

Travel bracelets don’t seem to be as popular as necklaces and rings when it comes to different options, but they’re still a fantastic travel gift idea!

These journey wrist bracelets are super cute. There are several different charm options, and the idea is that once it breaks off your wrist, your wish will come true! Another option is this sterling silver world map bracelet.

Travel Tanks and Tees

out of office tshirt
Out of Office T-Shirt from Not Lost Apparel on Etsy. Image used with permission.

There’s nothing quite like a super comfy t-shirt that has a graphic related to what you love, right? Etsy is an absolute goldmine for travel-themed tanks and tees, and they’d all make great travel gifts for her!

This explore more tank is super trendy, and this out of office t-shirt is perfect for travel days. I’m also loving this mountain time sweatshirt, and this ‘travel is my therapy’ t-shirt makes me feel personally attacked, but I also can’t help but laugh.

Travel Dresses


If, instead of fun slogans on t-shirts, you’re looking for a more functional piece of clothing for travel, then a travel-friendly dress is a great idea (just make sure you know their size first!)

Encircled’s Chrysalis Cardi is a cult favorite, and is actually convertible into not just a dress, but a cardigan, top, and more! Other great travel dresses are the Kosan Go Travel Dress (I backed them on Kickstarter!), which has loads of pockets & is also convertible, and Origamei dresses, which fold up super compactly!

Travel Shoes

A good pair of shoes can seriously make or break a trip. Of course, sneakers are always comfortable, but if you’re somewhere like Europe they just might not pass. Which is why a great pair of shoes that is both fashionable AND comfortable is a MUST for travelers.

When it comes to flats, Tieks have rave reviews and are perfect for minimalist travelers as they roll up super small. For boots, I’ve recently become OBSESSED with the Vivo Barefoot Gobi boots. They are insanely comfortable, super warm, waterproof, AND stylish! I honestly could not ask for anything more.

If she’s a fan of the outdoors, then a pair of hiking boots is another great travel gift idea. I absolutely love my Ahnu Sugarpine boots and could not recommend them more.

Travel Scarves

Finally, I can not extoll the virtues of a good scarf when it comes to traveling. They can act as a blanket, a cover-up for heading into churches and other religious buildings, and, of course, as a fashion statement or just to keep you warm!

I highly recommend a good blanket scarf as a gift for your traveler. You can find pretty decent scarves on Amazon like this one or this one. This one is actually specifically meant to be used as a travel blanket as well as a scarf! Alternatively, you can go with an infinity scarf like this which has a hidden pocket for money & passports!

And that’s it for this roundup of the best travel gifts for her! I hope you found the perfect gift for that travel lover in your life. If you did, let me know what it was in the comments!

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Addie Gray is a recent college grad and a passionate solo female traveler. Having traveled to more than 20 countries, she now shares her knowledge on budget travel, solo female travel, and travel photography.

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