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When a couple of friends and I joked that we should rent out a castle during our reading week, none of us actually thought that we would go through with it. A few days later, though, we had found an affordable attic apartment on Airbnb and were making plans for how to get there. What started out as a crazy scheme turned into the perfect setting for writing essays and daydreaming that were were royalty.

The Journey to the Castle

We set off from the local train station at around 1:30 and were walking up the driveway to our castle by 3. We were pretty much blown away by the place that we would be living in for the next three days.

Stephen leaning on a column at the train station

The platform at Leuchars station, Scotland

After settling in and getting a good laugh at all dog-themed decor (which, despite how much there was, I managed not to get any pictures of) we decided to take a little wander around the grounds. Scotland was feeling particularly cheeky that day, so the weather was absolutely beautiful and the skies cloud free as we went on our short walk. Unfortunately, the grounds were not as large as we had imagined – mostly just a lake and a well-manicured lawn, but it was still nice to spend some time outside gazing up at our ‘new home’.

Walking towards Pitreavie Castle in Dunfermline, Scotland

Living in Luxury

The next two nights were spent in ridiculously comfy beds while our days were spent staring out of castle windows, procrastinating writing essays, and watching High School Musical in the fanciest sitting room any of us had actually been allowed to sit in. It was a truly amazing few days, and an experience that I’d gladly repeat again.

Want to stay in a castle of your own? Check out Airbnb! We stayed at Pitreavie Castle in Dunfermline, near Edinburgh, but there are literally tons of listings for castles throughout the United Kingdom (and the rest of the world) all at pretty affordable prices! Add a little whimsy to your life and pretend you’re royalty for a few days. It’s definitely worth it.


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