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When I originally started researching where to stay in Bocas del Toro while we were there, I focused my search on Bocas Town, figuring that it would be a good base for exploring the rest of the archipelago. However, when I read about Beverly’s Hill Guesthouse on Isla Bastimentos, I knew that it was where we had to stay. As it turned out, I couldn’t have made a better decision. During the five days that we were in Bocas, we absolutely fell in love with Isla Bastimentos and the town of Old Bank. Here’s why — and why you should stay on Isla Bastimentos instead of the main island.

To Get Away from the Crowds

Wizard Beach Hike Isla Bastimentos Bocas del Toro Panama

Bocas del Toro has always been a popular destination on the Central American backpacker trail, and has more recently come into the spotlight of more mainstream travel. This means that Bocas has gotten crowded – especially the main town. On Isla Bastimentos, though, you have the chance to dodge these crowds and get a slice of the beauty all to yourself.

To Experience Culture

At this point, tourism has almost completely overrun Bocas Town. What little time we did spend there, we could hardly wait to get to anywhere else. Old Bank, on the other hand, is a lovely little one-sidewalk town that really embodies the laid-back Caribbean spirit. Only a five minute boat ride away from the main island, Isla Bastimentos really does feel like another world. This is definitely enforced by the fact that the locals speak their own language called Guari-Guari – a mix between Spanish, Creole, and English that is so much fun to listen to!

To Eat Chocolate

Unless you’re staying on Isla Bastimentos, there probably isn’t much of a chance that you’ll get to visit Up in the Hill. This organic coffee and chocolate farm is an absolute must do in Bocas del Toro, though. We made the short 15 minute hike up the hill from our guesthouse to sample some of their iced mochas, truffles, and brownies and they were DELICIOUS. You can also take a tour of the farm or stay in one of their eco-lodges!

To Hike the Trails


Hiking Trail to Wizard Beach Isla Bastimentos Bocas del Toro Panama

Whether you’re walking along the beach or through a slightly muddy rainforest, the hiking on Bastimentos is definitely not to be missed. For an idea of what it’s like, just read my post about hiking from Old Bank all the way to Red Frog Beach!

To Have the Beach at your Fingertips

Addie Wizard Beach Isla Bastimentos Bocas del Toro Panama

Bocas Town is indeed a great base to explore the surrounding archipelago. But, what you may not realise is that half of the locations that tour companies like to take people to are on Isla Bastimentos! Both the stunningly beautiful Wizard Beach and the ever popular Red Frog Beach are only a short walk or boat ride away if you stay on Bastimentos. And really, what more could you ask for?

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