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Traveling without insurance is just silly. What I love about World Nomads is that they cover literally everything–AND you can buy on the go. When I forgot to buy travel insurance before my trip to Mexico (where I would be learning how to Scuba Dive and 100% needed travel insurance), they were there for me!

Travel Insurance

My go-to for booking train tickets in Europe. Way less confusing than trying to figure out a national rail website in a different language!

A great way to compare different ways of getting from place to place, including flights, buses, and trains. And you can book your ticket from them as well!

Getting Around

The most comprehensive hostel search engine out there. I usually find my hostel here and then book from the hostel’s website (if they have one), since then I don’t have to pay a booking fee.

For when you’re not picky and just looking for a good deal, their Express Deals feature is AMAZING!

My #1 pick for getting a more local experience or finding a cheap place to stay when I’m not traveling on my own.

Their Genius program starts giving you discounts after 5 nights booked through them. Killer!


 I love Google Flights for its super easy-to-use price tracking. Just put in your destination and dates, choose your flights, and then click “track prices”. 

Kiwi is great for finding cheap flights to anywhere in the world. Put in your home airport and then “anywhere” as your destination to find your next cheap trip!

I love Momondo for finding cheap flights when I need to buy right now. They compare 1000s of travel booking sites to find the best price!


Get Your Guide is an awesome resource for booking everything under the sun - from skip-the-line tickets to local tours!

I love, love, LOVE Urban Adventures for their local guides and unique itineraries. They're perfect for getting off-the-beaten-path and really getting to know a place.


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