The Best Affordable Travel Backpack: Nayosmart Almighty Review

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addie standing on a train platform wearing the nayosmart almight backpack
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Disclaimer: Nayosmart sent me a complimentary Nayo Almighty backpack in exchange for my honest review. All opinions, as always, are my own.

As a student, I’m always on the lookout for affordable things. And as a traveller, I’m always on the lookout for great travel gear. So when Nayosmart reached out to me asking if I wanted to try out one of their new range of smart & affordable travel backpacks, I jumped at the chance!

I chose the Nayo Almighty backpack, which is marketed as being perfect for a 3-5 day journey – perfect for weekend travelers like me!

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t have super high expectations for this backpack, seeing as it has a much lower price tag than other travel backpacks I’ve tried out in the past. But after taking it on a trip up to the Scottish Highlands to test it out, I was pleasantly surprised by just how much it has to offer–and especially at how easy it is to travel with!

With all that in mind, I think the Nayosmart Almighty is probably the best affordable travel backpack out there! Keep reading to find out why.

The Best Affordable Travel Backpack Requirements

Now, before I dive into why I think the Nayosmart Almighty is one of the best affordable travel backpacks on the market right now, I thought it would be a good idea to outline a little bit of what, exactly, makes a great affordable travel backpack to begin with.


First things first is, obviously, price. With some travel backpacks going for multiple hundreds of dollars, price can be a major issue. For me, an affordable travel backpack will come in at under $100.

Of course, travel backpacks under $100 often aren’t super good quality, which is why the next requirement for a great affordable travel backpack is…


In order to be a truly great (yet affordable) travel backpack, it has got to be functional in addition to being cheap. Which, honestly, is hard to achieve!

3 Key Components of Any Great Travel Backpack

For me, functionality is really about 3 key things:

  • Size – A great travel backpack, in my opinion, should have a capacity of at least 30 litres. Any less than that and you’ll be struggling to fit everything you need even for a weekend trip. At the upper limit, I don’t think a backpack should get larger than 70 litres, or it’ll start getting way too heavy. 45 litres and below is generally carry-on friendly, Depending on how much you pack, how strong your shoulders are, and how long your trip is, your backpack should be somewhere in this range when it comes to size.
  • Suspension System – If you’re going to be putting everything you need on your back, then you want a great suspension system that will keep that weight off your back. A good suspension system should include, at the bare minimum, padded straps and a hip belt.
  • Opening – There are typically two different types of openings in travel backpacks: top openings and clamshell openings. Top openings are the classic, but mean stuffing everything in and pulling everything out when you need to find something. Clamshell openings are a lot more like suitcase openings and are so much better for keeping everything organized and easy to access!

In-Depth Nayosmart Almighty Review

So does the Nayo Almighty backpack live up to the standards of a great affordable travel backpack? I think so! Here’s a super in-depth review of all of the different aspects of the Nayo Almighty.


the nayosmart almighty backpack laying on the ground
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The Nayo Almighty travel backpack comes in 2 different sizes: 25 liters and 32 liters. While the 25 liter backpack would make for a great daypack, the 32 liter one is great for a short weekend getaway (or longer if you’re a super minimalist traveler).

The 32L backpack measures in at 51 x 17 x 35 cm and fits a 17-inch laptop, and the 25L one measures in at 46 x 16 x 32 cm and fits a 15-inch laptop, so both are carry-on friendly. The 25L backpack could even be your personal item!

I got the 32L backpack and was able to fit 4 days worth of clothes in it (including 2 sweaters, 4 tops, 2 leggings, 2 pairs of pants, underwear, socks, and a bra) as well as toiletries and my laptop, Kindle, and a few other random things. It was a little stuffed with all of this stuff in it, but it still fit!

I’d say that the backpack is the perfect size for a 3-day getaway in winter or a 5-day one in summer.


the nayosmart almighty backpack opened all the way
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The opening for the Nayosmart Almighty backpack is super interesting. It’s like a clamshell opening, except instead of opening up on the side, it opens up top to bottom (with the hinge on the bottom of the bag).

At first, I thought this was a bit weird, but I think I actually like it even more than a traditional clamshell opening! You have so much room and access to everything in the bag it’s actually amazing.

mesh cover folded back to reveal the contents of the backpack
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In addition to that, there’s a small layer of mesh that zips around the main opening of the backpack, so you can open it up to grab your laptop or other things from the back flap without everything fall out.

Pockets and Layout

the laptop, kindle, and tech pockets on the back of the nayosmart almighty backpack
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If there’s one thing that the Nayosmart Almighty backpack does right, it’s pockets. There are so. many. pockets!!! After a few days of traveling with it, I’m still not sure I’ve found all of them.

The back flap of the backpack has pockets for a laptop, a tablet, and two other smaller pockets for things like your charging cord and headphones. The front flap has plenty of slots for pens, notebooks, etc., and then there are two pockets on the very front of the backpack as well.

front pocket of the nayosmart almighty
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There are small pockets on the shoulder straps (not big enough for a phone, but good for things like lip balm, etc.). Finally, at the very back of the backpack (flush up against your back), there’s a little pocket which can be used for hiding valuable things like your passport!

back passport pocket
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Suspension System

If there’s one shortcoming on the Nayosmart Almighty backpack, it’s the suspension system. You can tell that an attempt at an innovative design idea was made with the straps, but it didn’t really work out so well.

addie wearing the nayosmart almighty backpack
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There is no hip belt, which is a major letdown (though probably not a problem with the 25L backpack), and the chest strap isn’t adjustable, so it doesn’t really work for a smaller frame like mine (these backpacks are definitely built more with a man’s body in mind).

The shoulder straps aren’t padded very much either, so if you’re walking for much longer than a few minutes at a time you’ll start to feel the weight on your shoulders.


Like I said above, the shoulder straps on the Almighty aren’t very padded, which isn’t ideal. The chest strap also isn’t adjustable, so didn’t do much for my smaller frame.

There is a strap on the back of the pack for attaching to your suitcase, though!


the metal handle of the nayosmart almighty
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There’s just one handle on the Nayo Almighty backpack: a strong, metal handle at the top of the backpack. While it is super strong and looks great, I wouldn’t exactly say it’s the most comfortable handle in the world.


the zippers
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The zippers on the Nayo Almighty seem to be decently strong, though I could see some tugging at the seams when I stuffed the main pocket.

The zipper pulls also aren’t the easiest to pull when the pack is stuffed, but when it’s not it’s totally fine. And although they aren’t technically lockable, the lengthwise slots in the zippers mean you could probably lock them if you really wanted to.


For an affordable travel backpack, this thing is made out of some seriously amazing fabric! The Nayosmart website says that the Almighty backpack is made with ‘high tenacity polyester’ (whatever that means) with a waterproof coating.

In real life, the fabric is super sleek to the touch, and feels extra durable as well. Plus, the waterproof coating means that you never have to worry if you’re out in the rain!


the nayosmart almighty
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The Nayosmart Almighty backpack definitely has its looks going for it, that’s for sure. Built as a smart travel backpack, it’s meant to be sleek and fashionable, and it certainly achieves that.

The slightly shiny, black fabric and slim design of the backpack means that it’s perfect for city trips or short Europe breaks!

Smart Features

Another thing that the Nayosmart Almighty backpack boasts is a few different smart features, in particular an external USB port. So if you have a portable charger, it can sit safely inside your bag while you charge your phone. Pretty cool, right?

Is the Nayosmart Almighty the best affordable travel backpack?

addie wearing the nayosmart almighty
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Despite a few little hangups, the Nayosmart Almighty is a definite contender for the title of best affordable travel backpack. Here’s a quick review of some of the pros and cons!


  • Versatility – Built as both a smart backpack and a travel backpack, the Almighty is super duper versatile. You can bring it to a coffee shop with your laptop, out on the trail, or just on your next weekend getaway.
  • Pockets, pockets, pockets! – This backpack has SO MANY POCKETS. More than 20, according to the Nayosmart website. There is literally no way that you can be unorganized with so many pockets!
  • Stylish AND Functional – A lot of functional travel backpacks out there aren’t very stylish. And if they’re stylish, they’re not very functional. This backpack is the best of both worlds.
  • Price – Sold for just $125, this backpack is just over the mark of under $100 for an affordable travel backpack, but it’s still a really good deal for what you’re getting!


  • Slow shipping – Nayosmart is a Chinese company, which means that when you order a backpack it will be sent from China. This allows them to manufacture such a high quality product for such a low price, but it does mean that shipping will take a fair bit longer than you might be used to.
  • Slightly less quality – Compared to travel backpacks which go for several hundred dollars, the Almighty is slightly less quality (notably, the strength of stitching around the zippers isn’t ideal). But at the price you’re getting it for, it’s pretty amazing!

Final Thoughts on the Nayosmart Almighty Backpack

If you’re looking for a functional, fashionable, and affordable travel backpack, then you should definitely check out the Nayosmart Almighty. It’s the perfect size for a quick getaway, and has so many amazing pockets and smart features. Although there are a few quirks and flaws, it’s overall a really good backpack!

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Are you looking for a great travel backpack on a budget? The Nayosmart Almighty is the best affordable travel backpack on the market right now. Click through to read my full review! #travel
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Are you looking for a great travel backpack on a budget? The Nayosmart Almighty is the best affordable travel backpack on the market right now. Click through to read my full review! #travel
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